Reviews for "Dandy Cave Explorer"

Very good game, i like it but i give 4 stars because sometimes i click but it doesnt jump, PLZ FIX THAT BUG D:

Games like these have been done before but at the same time thiss was still alright

OH MY GOD, this game was amazing, it got so freaking intense in the last 5 stages that I was going to ragequit and break my laptop, but at last I made it to the end, and it was great, the feeling of victory over those damn bats and spikes.
Anyway, it's an awesome game, it entertains you a lot with the growing difficulty and the retro style, it's been an amazing adventure! :)

Very good concept, art, and gameplay, but some parts could arguably use work. Firstly, the "maniac run" medal is a massive crock of shit, especially for a game that requires perfect timing at certain points and can take trial-and-error thinking to pass certain levels. Not only this, but due to the fact that enemies can sometimes walk off of platforms, it can make this medal virtually impossible. Jumping would be vastly improved if holding down the spacebar/mouse button caused repetitive jumping. Decent game overall.

Good game, but it does not work well on safari