Reviews for "Dandy Cave Explorer"

This is literally TWO templates mashed together bought from the Scirra store. I have no problem with you learning logic from these templates, using the art from these templates but at least come up with an original game!


Primajin responds:

This is just not true, the artwork was bought from the scirra store, and the game was developed from scratch.

The biggest criticism I could give is that there is no reset button, a luxury that would be extremely welcome in a game like this. Considering I had to replay some levels many times, this would have been greatly better than waiting for Dandyman to stroll into some spikes.
Other than that, though, the game was quite fun, and an interesting platformer. Not much in the way of replayability, but I enjoyed my romp.

Help me! i found a bug at level 28, the slimes are going out of the pataforms and i need them to win the level. please help?

I have a problem at the level 28: jumping creatures are walking on the floor, and they should be on the platforms.

Jesus Christ! The game starts like a piece pf cake kind of game, but, boy! starting from lvl 30 you're playing NIGHTMARE MODE. And when you think that it can't get any worse BATS APPEAR. 4 of 5 stars because you should scale difficulty a bit better, jumping from EASY directly to NIGHTMARE is a bit harsh, you know.