Reviews for "Dandy Cave Explorer"

I don't know why. but i played it until the end. Was weird you didn't play any music until the very end, and the sound effects were ugh.

Other than that it was kinda neat, I liked how the enemies line up perfectly with your jumps. Neat.

Primajin responds:

There is music throughout the entire game.

This game is really, really frustrating but also really, really fun. I think the frustration comes from the fact that you're not actually in control of Dandy, and you've gotta force yourself into the rhythm of the level. In lieu of full control, it'd be nice to have a reset button so you don't hafta kill yourself after every small mistake. All in all though, It's great fun.

This game like the last is lovey! keep up the good work and thank you for Bringing us this game!

I bought this template from Construct 2 a while back, while I am not diminishing your efforts in making this your own game. I don't see where you credit the original artist for the game assets. Whether you meant this or not you're implying that you created these pixel art assets which is not true.

Other than the nice challenges and levels. Good luck in the future.

Primajin responds:

Firstly, this is not a template, I bought the super platform art assets, not the game template. Secondly, I do actually credit the artist in the ending credits, the exact same place I credited myself btw, which for the record I didn't have to do, the license does not require you to credit the art assets. So no I didn't use a template or claim the artwork as my own.
Thanks for the advice though ;).

Well conceived game, with nicely increasing difficulty and very nice challenges at the end. Your trajectory has to be good and to use all destructible blocks in level 40, it's a very tight level. I loved it. Just... Why didn't I get any music or sounds? I guess this game actually has music and sound effects, so that it will not affect my rating: a solid 5/5.

Primajin responds:

Glad you enjoyed it bud, I'm not sure why you wouldn't get sound that is not something I've been able to replicate on various devices and browsers. Pm me with what browser etc your on and I'll see if I can find a solution.