Reviews for "Dandy Cave Explorer"

Simple yet fun and fastpaced, music is great and it never sounds annoying on loop. 2 problems I've had was the controls sometimes didn't feel tight enough when it comes to precision jumping and on top of that some obstacles felt a bit like a jerk move whether it's hitting two side blocks at the same time when I shouldn't be or an obstacle felt a bit out of reach. But I think there is enough replay value to be had with this game. Good job

I wanted give you a 5 stars, from my heart, because of the amazing music, the great gameplay, and the lovable ambiance and design. However I pointed up a bug or something in your game, mainly in level 28. Sometimes slimes off the screen get out from the platform where they're, sometimes not. It depends of your luck, and this make the game be boring.

I'm pretty sad about giving something that isn't 5. But pretty good job anyways!

game doesn't load

amaaazingggg i am waiting for more games!!!!!11

Very difficult but very fun! The music is great, the graphics are great, the simplicity is great, and the maniac achievement is almost impossible to get! Overall 9/10, great work, and I hope to see more of your games in the future.