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Reviews for "Alone The Empty World"

finally made it through the hospital, a vast world awaiting me. I do not want to spoil but got a bit frustrated so are there people who'd like a hint? Great game till now, will be playing on :)

Good graphic and sound but I'm lost, i have checked everything in the hospital but i don't have found the code, there are few things to interact.

I did not finish the game, I spent 12 minutes wondering around aimlessly after leaving the house, clicking on almost all objects before finding the dog and then another 5 minutes clicking on other obstructions before giving in and calling it quits. The game play is fine but I suggest adding some sort of guide or a tutorial in the beginning so others know how to play.

The game is good but there aren`t any signs which can help you go further. And now i am in the situation that i am in somekind of a hospital and the only exit is a door which require a code. I searched
all the rooms even i started again the game from the begining to look carefully for somekind of a code but nothing. Is it the number of some specific items in these rooms i don`t know and are going to be any zombies further because on the menu it shows the character`s health or is it about an ended zombie apocalypse??

adebgamesoft responds:

the code is in hospital...

This is so heartbreaking to me. My FAVORITE flash games are horror pixel rpgs, so I was SUPER pumped to see this.

I was let down pretty immediately. There is no instructions to the game. Im literally just walking around town, trying doors and hoping for the best. There is no guide to what needs to be done.
Because the town is so large and there is no detail on what to do next, it grows incredibly boring fast. The lack on interactive gameplay is really sad too. The fact that some doors, I am just able to walk through but then some I have to press "Enter" to go through- I mean come on, thats insane.

The music and graphics are perfect though.
I really hope you fix these problems because I feel like this could be a total gem by what you have so far.