Reviews for "Evil Asylum"

What i like:
-items in a shop
-the idea with the glasses
What i didnt like:
-too many doors/searching right room
-unlogical findings like the gem in the dirt on the ground (i want puzzles and not stupid clicking all over screen)
-unnecessary time wasting ending with the gems in different rooms

Yay, had fun with this one...amazing how the only gem I had a hard time finding was the easiest XP

Good job once again! :D

I enjoyed solving puzzles. Some of them are challenging (e.g., the symbolic lock and the six-digit lock).

Game play is somewhat tedious as one has to find seven gems and put them back to their corresponding wall slots. Also, one has to collect orbits to trade for shop items. To be honest, I hate that. I was stuck at two points. First, I didn't know how to open a book. Second, I missed a goddamn green gem because of the noisy background. Thanks to the walk through video, I'd not have completed the game without it.

Game atmosphere is just okay. I was a little shock when I saw an animated ghost. Other than that, I see no point to make the background darker than usual.

I always love the Asylum games. Thanks for making them.

Maybe make less games about Asylums and so on, but more about places, like 'Abandoned In China'?
Abandoned in China was even my favourite!

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! Most of these asylum games are old but weren't added on here. I mostly do asylums because that's what players ask for. Abandoned in China was good, I did others like Abandoned in Europe, Ireland. I guess I should do more.