Reviews for "Evil Asylum"

Omg another awesome game! Keep up the good work!

Great as always.

Only reason I dropped a half star is because I collected all the orbs but still didn't get the medal for having 50. Besides that, nothing else was wrong.

Keep up the great work dude.

I tried SOOOOO hard to play this without the walkthrough but I couldnt do it. I got stuck a couple of times. Well worth the 40 mins it took me to complete. What a game.

Must have missed an orb :( damn it.

how r u?

Another fairly well-made Point 'n Click, but it does seem like you stick to a very limited set of themes, especially considering all the asylum-based games. Not that I'm complaining about that, mind...asylums are right creepy venues when it comes to exploration and puzzle-solving.

Most things seem to work as they should, and the puzzles ranged from the relatively simple to the slightly devious. I felt a bit silly when the method for opening the book finally dawned on me, but it was a very good example of a two-fold clue.

What isn't working is the 'Orb collector' medal. Even though several users have earned it, as recently as 20 minutes ago, I've collected 50 orbs at once across two games and have yet to receive my medal. I had over 100 unspent orbs in my first playthrough, so it definitely should have popped. Might want to look into that and see what's causing the glitch. Completion is always part of the draw.

Not much else to say, it's pretty standard selfdefiant fare. And that, in and of itself, is a good thing. Folks tend to know what they're getting when they stop by, and while there may not be a lot of groundbreaking innovation to be had, it's a pretty tried-and-true formula.