Reviews for "Evil Asylum"

Movement is awkward and nonsensical, the background music is loud, choppy, repetitive, and kills the atmosphere, the artwork (if you can call it that) manages to look lazy even when it's good, the display clashes with everything and collecting orbs is silly.

selfdefiant responds:

And I would have thought you could find one good thing about the game. Wow! It's ok, I'm not offended. Not this time.

All medals work and i love the art and puzzles like always

Hmmm, well I know I collected over 50 orbs, but the medal didn't show up. Yep, I had to look at the walkthrough. I appreciated most of this. You really did know how to put a lot of variety in this. The rooms were all quite different. I liked how the enemies couldn't even really hurt you.

The atmosphere was great. It seemed like this is almost the same as your other game. It's still pretty fun. There are quite a few places to explore. The music is very suiting.

Two things:

- The map design does not make sense. The direction input should be placed on entrances as arrows or pointing hands but not on the walls and the photographs used for depicting the asylum are not made on the same building or share the same lighting conditions. This makes the whole movement process frustrating because it is hard to interpret what am I doing when I click on the right or left wall. You have to make clear where are we going when we use the arrows.

- The music is too noisy for a game in which you have to take the steps slowly.

Seems "Orb Collector" Medal not working.