Reviews for "The Most Wonderful Game"

the 90's called, they want their everything back

the last level is much harder after dying in it due to losing all previous weapon upgrades; such things make me quit games -- i did not finish it

Can't wait for the Bill Cosby DLC
Best game I've ever played on this site.

yurgenburgen responds:

thank you sir *brofist*

It's a great. fun, challenging, simple game and I like how if you get the drop on a enemy, their bullets evaporate. Only issue I had is the crazy slowdown that happens when too many enemies fill the screen. Nice Cho Aniki homage

obviously this game isnt ment 100% serious. still.. it is functional, challenging and fun. everything on the screen is pretty big.. which is confusing. u look at some point and miss a bullet hitting you. the final level is very short. too short imo. the music is annoying as fuck but it fits the game well. for some reason i got the impression that the venga boys were coming. i propably missed them. i would have liked some reward for finishing the game. maybe additional characters to play. more different powerups would be nice. a horse with boobs??? AWESOME! different music for each level would be cool. u should enhance the game. it could become a gem in the world of computer gaming. definatly underrated it is.

I haven't played a good game like this since 2333.