Reviews for "The Most Wonderful Game"

Yeah, okay.

Fuck me, this is hard as shit. Funny as hell, but hard.

Needs an easy-mode for casuals like me.

Catchy music - check
hilarious theme - check
original idea - kinda checked
overall I find this game , even it is just a random mess made of dicks, boobs, that british black chef faces, a good timewaster , had to spent about 20 mins on the last stage because those horses were pwning me, its a bit sad that you didn't take your game a little bit more seriously and hadn't made more levels because of it. Hope you make something similar in the future, because its those random/morbid games that are also a part of newgrounds :D

Try making a good game instead of a shitty one to seem funny

yurgenburgen responds:

you have absolutely no taste whatsoever

lol this is such a terrible game XD
10/5 would recommend