Reviews for "The Most Wonderful Game"

This game... holy shit, I didn't think you could beat it, and yet here I am looking at a screen that tells me, "YOU WIN". I think you got some unwarranted hate due to the games difficulty, but I think it's quite enjoyable and rewarding when your finger falls off from mashing x and all you see is "YOU WIN". All in all a really enjoyable game. Keep it up!

Manly Janice Battersby keeps kicking my arse!

Just out of curiosity how many levels are there? I've been struggling with the first one since yesterday, but still cannot bring myself to stop!

yurgenburgen responds:

there are but two levels
protip: shoot janice battersby in the head repeatedly

It would be nice for the lasers to fire on the keydown event rather than keyup, otherwise ROFLWAFFLES!

So dumb, i love it

This is really the toughest game I have ever played. Is it possible to get past the first level?!!

yurgenburgen responds:

yes sir