Reviews for "Jumphobia"

so many levels

Amazing game man I love the original concept of only jumping when running off an edge, it was quite difficult but VERY fun, although I got stuck at the 'Munsters Inc.' level. Now I'm going to check out the player created levels!

The game itself is fun, but the way you made the game restart levels means it's quite possible to get stuck upside down when you should be right side up or vice versa, rendering some levels unable to be completed. Would be 5 stars but the fact that I need to restart the entire game to complete it more than once is amazingly frustrating. I am currently stuck upside down in the lower right corner of "Don't let the bed bugs bite".

Good idea of making automatic jumping an obstacle in itself, Good work

Really good. Was that the Impossible MIssion guy? Good to see him in shape after all these years. He can't jump anymore but at least he doesn't shout anymore.