Reviews for "Jumphobia"

With this i discovered one of my personal favorites. This game takes the classic Jump n´ Run formulay, and refines it with a fresh and interesting twist. The jump mechanic is expertly executed and provides an amusing view on a fundamental part of many games. It allows for many impressive gameplay elements, and the level editor only adds to the fun. However, it requires a bit of polishing. In short: An exeptionally enthralling game, which offers hours and hours of fun.

How many levels are in the game right now?

bug: If you beat the expert levels, the congratulations message gets loaded whenever you try to play a level, including the player-made levels. This can be fixed by reloading the page, but still..

this is an inspired concept, making what would normally be absurdly trivial become incredibly hard.
this is overall a very good game, great idea combined with excellent execution, and with some polish and a lot of expansion this could easily be a great game. currently it seems like it would make an amazing demo for a full version, like what happened with super meat boy. and yes, this could easily be the next super meat boy, maybe even better.

So addicting... it's getting somewhat hard later on though. Timing is everything