Reviews for "Jumphobia"

The atmosphere is so depressing...

Extremely easy. Most of the levels just involve holding a directional key until you jump from object to object to reach the other side. The ones were you had to either think about the order you jumped on things or when you couldnt just hold a button to get across, where genuinely challenging and a few had me stuck for a while.
I like this idea, but I think it needs to be a little more difficult overall.

Really liked the game, nice concept and nicely done. Sounds and looks blend together niceley to form the atmosphere of the game. I especially liked the music, its like a mix of portal and isaac. Though i found the controll very annoying because they seem quite slow and indirect to me. Good game though

It's a very interesting game mechanic, however not very challenging puzzles. Except for that one where you had to leave yourself a way back, if that hint weren't there, you'd get 5 stars for fair difficulty

amazing game. Just wanted to point out a bug to you. In the map after green street, if you hit the gravity reversal and the fall back down into green street from there, you get stuck