Reviews for "Jumphobia"

i liked the idea and art stile but it was a bit easy for me. perhaps you could wake levels longer or take away all the tutorial signs that gave away the solution to the level.

Interesting idea. Enjoyable but kind of easy.

Fuck. This. Game. And fuck the balls to the walls difficulty.

The game was allright, pretty fun. Good music. But at the Spring City level I got stuck on the wall at the end of the level, right over the streetlight, and try to keep running but could not scape from there. I'll try it once again, even when I'm not a platform fan.

Fuck this game. I managed to beat it, barely latching on to my sanity, but I finally did. And I'm never going to play this again.

The game was frustrating, mostly because of my lack of skill in certain parts, but the game felt all the more brutal when the game punished you for not knowing what was coming up. I disliked this so very much and impacted my limited enjoyment of game so filled frustrating moments.

On the other there are some really well thought out challenges in this one. I was impressed by the seventh expert stage (the one where you need to flip gravity and bounce through a bunch of enemies before the bomb cracks the ice), which really tested my platforming skills in a fair way, and the "triple close call" level, which felt so satisfying to finally complete. The challenge of the game progressed pretty smoothly too, which was good to see in a flash game.

It's an alright game, if you're into hardcore challenges that will have you tearing your hair out, this is probably for you. I can't say I', too fond of them, but I do have a hard time putting platformers down when I progress far enough into them.