Reviews for "Jumphobia"

There weren't enough levels! At least ... I don't think there were! Ha! Ha! Unique spin on platform games. I can see the potential in it!

Very cool idea!

I really like this. It's a cool idea. I feel like some of the puzzles are a wee bit too Portal-esqe, in that they're kinda more weird timing based, but over all I liked it a lot. In fact, this would probably make a good full fledged game *wink wink* *nudge nudge* The design is great, the idea is clever, it's not BS, while still being incredibly difficult, the music is good, I like the art style, over all a great game.

very good game m8

I am so impressed with this game.
Beautiful graphics, smooth controls, great music, TONS of levels.
Its an original concept done perfectly.

Favorited and Great Job.