Reviews for "Tower of Destiny"

I had severe lag on chrome but it played fine on explorer.

Nice game. Really fun!!

With infinite variation, this is really an infinitely fun game! I thought the grind would get boring, and the levels of gold required to unlock new characters or upgrades insanely high, but once you've played a few rounds it all feels balanced, and refreshingly well-paced. The numbers never soar disproportionately after you play to a certain point, but follow your progress, and I like how the unlockable characters rise in price the more you unlock, making the select few you choose a bit more special. Though, the yellow bird and demon are the only two characters I'd have liked to unlock, the others look more like foes than players.

One detail: I thought the fireballs were fire, and there was some bug with that medal before I reached the upper levels. With a 'die by x' medal for all elements, it feels like the projectiles are left out, as are the enemies. The reward for the crown-wielding ones feels a bit unfair as well, as they're often in spots where they're hard to bounce on repeatedly, and thus often harder to get than all other types.

Overall though, it was a both rewarding, and very addicting game, and both gameplay and graphics feel polished and smooth. Nice work.


good game but im having a problem where i cannot die.... and it makes me start off from where i was each time so it will not reset

GREAT game! Only 2 things I would fix.

1. Make it possible to bypass the ladder. I often find that I am looking to grab something and then the ladder makes it impossible to do so.

2. Don't allow traps to spawn on the location of the ladder. I would often go to the next level and then die because there was a trap there that I couldn't avoid.

Besides those 2 things, this game couldn't be any better. I usually prefer games with a storyline but this one didn''t need it. It was able to keep me entertained for quite awhile and I may come back and play it again. I know someone mentioned a lag but I did not notice it. So to those people who mentioned lag, it could be your system and shouldn't reflect on your overall rating of the game. :)

Great job and I hope to see even more from you in the future.