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Reviews for "TrumpGrounds"

Legend says I'm still playin'

this is a great twist on an old classic, simple and very entertaining. 1 button to pull the leaver is basic but its riveting to endure the chase of big money and frankly what better poster boy then Donald Trump say what u want about the man politically but his name is highly associated with money so its perfect. the game is like Venture Capitalist which is a simplistic game as well but for some reason this is far better due to its music and sound bites of Trump himself taken from the early 80's all the way to his political platforming quotes, the amount of effort put into that alone makes this deserving of 5 stars it reminds me of the Charlie Sheen - Winning game; A classic on Newgrounds as this one will also soon be. what really got me going was the outrageous cut scenes in between pulls reminds me of a lot of the games from Wiesi of Mausland fame where it will jump fast on screen in either celebration of failure which makes it all the more enjoyable since it keeps the game play from being monotonous and boring, its insane that I haven't seen the same one twice each one is completely different from the last with celebrity cameos out the ying yang. to be personally frank I haven't gotten this much enjoyment out of a game so simple since I played the Kung Fury video game on PSN this is an amazing internet game that anyone of any age can play my friends and family are addicted to this masterpiece the only negative thing I can say is that the trophies still won't work even after I cleared my cache still nothing but that i've given a past to due to its stellar and immersive game play and level design. each level is shown via a creative and near life like backdrop of cities, trump land marks and even the white house to lampoon hopefuls that might support the Trumpster and again never the same level twice unless u have to start over of course. play it for yourself and send it to friends for this is internet gaming at its finest. 5 stars and vote #5, this is the best of Newgrounds and it should be awarded as such this might just be the greatest game i've ever played in my life in any form, forget candy crush, forget angry birds, forget any other game you've ever played that last thing you will ever wish to play is TrumpGrounds for it is gaming perfection.

Is there a way to increase the amount you bet? Or do I need to lose 2000 times?

Kind of sucks that I am currently trying to make an idea for a new NG site layout.

7 slots -> 8

Anyways, I really like what you did with that game of yours, playing around with the site itself instead of just putting something in the content area like a normal person.

For that, these 5 stars are well-deserved.

I remember seeing this, good freakin' gag my dudes.