Reviews for "TeleDodge"

It's a very smooth running and simply designed game. The instructions are very straightforward and clear, and pretty fun to play for a while.

-Competitive (in the sense of trying to get a better score)
-Easy to understand

-Can get boring quickly
-Not much to the game/too simple

-Add other modes to stop people getting bored (maybe one with no teleports or one at double the speed)

Overall its a great game that could just do with some changes

I love the concept! Its very rare to see crafty ideas that dont copy arcade games from the 80's XD ! Also if you can add milestone medals it would make the game X10 more fun and make a goal for medal lovers! Otherwise I dont see what more you can add. Maybe powerups that make you have the ability to destroy some anomalies or make you invincable or some other ones. Still amazing job and I would LOVE tro see more of these in the future! :)

not bad man

I love the teleport idea! Really fun and original concept! This game just needs medals! :)