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Reviews for "Killer Kubes"

Really impressive!

groovyguy responds:

Thanks! :)

Interesting idea, well done.

hmmm... its a (seemingly) simple, but interesting game!

first of all, i like the 3-D design of the spherical-hero of the game, i like the design of the ''evil red squares'' that are the enemies of the ''hero'', and i also like the nice physics/jumping/shooting/running mechanics that exist in this game.
its minimalistic, but it has a good actionscripting structure, and GOOD PHYSICS.

it was easy to play, and i was always collecting the yellow sphere power-up in order to add more ammo in my ''weapon''. after a few evasions/reloads/shots, i managed to kill many red squares, which resulted in me getting a score of 30 ''cubes''.

i also liked the (slowly) increasing difficulty. it started out in a simple way, being easy, but as i kept playing the game, it became harder and harder to evade my enemies, since there were more squares in the area, and they became faster and faster....

its a good concept for a cool 3-D game, and i liked it.
its simple, but it gets the job done, because its challenging, nicely designed and funny.

my only suggestions would be to add more stuff in it.
add more power-ups(extra lives, more powerful ''weapon''/stronger shots, faster speed, invincibility mode, ''frozen'' enemies, score multipliers and more).
also, you could add more ''levels''. after you defeat some squares and you survive a ''wave'', for example if you kill 50 squares, you should be able to pass into a new ''level'', in order to hgave a new objective and to perform a new ''mission''.
also, for each new level, you could add a different background, with more/less/different power-ups, and you could even add a few ''negative power-ups'', such as: slower speed, harder enemies, etc etc.
(but that should be optional, because people might not like negative power-ups. however, im just throwing this idea for a future version of the game, and in case people might ask for more ''challenging levels'' in the future.)
in general, its a great game, but it needs more cool stuff/upgrades/levels/more missions and more objectives, along with more visuals in order to become a large, fully fledged platformer game.

i can see that you have good skills in making cool 3-D games.
you are good, so keep up the good work, and always keep your games fresh!
nice game.

Youve got a nice third person shooter engine here. the end game text should be fixed and maybe slow down everythings movement speed?

groovyguy responds:

Thanks, I'll look into that! :)

its ok