Reviews for "Killer Kubes"

Good concept. Moving the camera is motion sickness inducing though. Jesus.

groovyguy responds:

Thanks, I'll try and make it smoother when I update it.

The game itself is mediocre at best, and the grammar and spelling of the description are atrocious.

Really impressive!

groovyguy responds:

Thanks! :)

For your first 3D game it is actually quite neat. Played 2 times then I got bored. Good playability, the blocks should explode or something like that. Kinda survival game.

groovyguy responds:

Thanks! An explosion effect would be an awesome thing to implement!

Well, there was effort.
First off, graphics. They're... Not good looking. Maybe use some better looking colors?
Gameplay is very simple, it needs more polish.
Also, what's with the pickup ammo sound? There's also no music, which makes the game sound bland.
There is no main menu or options which, you know.. Makes it also look bland.
Overall it's okay-ish.

groovyguy responds:

thanks for your feedback, I'll look into changing the colors, along with adding some polish to the gameplay.