Reviews for "Arisen [beta]"

Hard and fun, that's what I'm talking about
It makes me want to dominate learderboards and get all medals .


Definitely get the Flappy Bird vibe but the main difference is, Arisen is an actual AMAZING game.

The controls are super fun to maneuver. Unlike Flappy,(a game that Ive ragequit after a couple rounds) I actually enjoy playing this game. Medals help with motivation as well. I honestly love this.

Favorited. Great job.

AndrewSP responds:

Glad you enjoy it

im sure this game just gets bad reviews because its hard much like my own game
awesome game

AndrewSP responds:

I agree, the most ratings are from haters or sad kids that doesn't understand the purpose of this game.

glad you got it !

It is competitive, nice music, even tho it´s a bit hard I like it. best score 37

The fact that there is no lives (or at least i didn't get far enough to see any) and the game is so simple in essence but with an increasing level of difficulty is why I'm going to definitely be voting this as one for the best monthly games. Amazing job. The reason i haven't given it 5 is someone like me would probably rage-quit seeing as i'm shit at things like these