Reviews for "Arisen [beta]"

Moderately interesting concept, but you've pretty much seen everything once you've completed the tutorial

This was a nice, challenging game. It has a very good sense of multitasking and the idea definitely has potential. My main problem is that it gets repetitive fairly quickly. I was fully expecting something else to spice it up like platforms that move in a different way or enemies that behave differently, but I didn't see that. The platforms may have moved faster or gotten closer, but if so, I didn't notice. Another thing is that there really isn't much point to the platforms that you break through. They stop you for a second, but they don't really impose much of a threat. Maybe if there were platforms right under it so you had to time when you hit it would have been better. There's also a few technical problems as well. The hit box was kind of iffy at times, and the change between screens was kind of abrupt. I did get used to it, but it was still odd. This really isn't the type of game to need separate screens.

This game definitely does have potential, and I can say that I enjoyed it. There was an excellent choice of music, and it played out in a very interesting way. For what it is, it's pretty decent, but I felt like it could have been better. Overall, though, good job.

AndrewSP responds:

thanks for the review
will help a lot

Pretty fun! my biggest gripe why I'm not a huge fan is that when I hit the W key sometimes it sticks and rams a wall. Huge, Huge let down when I get in a groove and the character just rams into the next ceiling. Every ten it resets which is alright. The big thing with tat is that when I hit my tenth ceiling it didn't reset and I hit an invisible ceiling. If the stuck W key weren't a thing I would really enjoy this.

AndrewSP responds:

I fixed this bug
check it out !
thanks for the review .

Hard and fun, that's what I'm talking about
It makes me want to dominate learderboards and get all medals .

A bit difficult to control, but interesting, and I found it pretty fun.