Reviews for "Arisen [beta]"

At first I thought this looked pretty cheesy and was too difficult, but the challenge level kept me playing for a good bit once I started improving. Not a bad little game. One thing though, the bug where you might suddenly hit an invisible wall and die which a previous reviewer reported has NOT been fixed as you indicated, as it happened to me several times.

AndrewSP responds:

I believe that now its fixed
check it out .

This game is pretty good. Interesting multitasking concept, but it needs polish. A little pause at the start of each level, for instance, so you don't get thrust right into bat spit would be nice. And a tad more control over the character would go a long way toward playability.

Not a bad game, though very simplistic in its design. The graphics really leave something to be desired, and the sound effects aren't anything special, but the background music is solid. Did you compose it yourself?

The mixture of keyboard and mouse controls doesn't feel particularly intuitive, though it does start feeling a bit more natural over time. It's an interesting idea, but shooting wind just to flip switches seems a bit of a waste. Might as well just make us click on those, too. Food for thought.

The main reason I decided to write this review is because something very strange just happened in my game. I was flying up towards the next 10 floors, nothing blocking my way and not a single bat in sight, when--SPLAT! Suddenly and inexplicably dead. I'm not really sure what happened, but I certainly know a game-breaking flaw when I see one, so you should definitely look into it. Is it possible for your assets to be invisible? That's about the only thing that makes sense unless there's some random loss condition thrown in that was never explained in the tutorial...

Beyond that, there's just one more thing I really wanted to mention regarding the gameplay. You know those main menu and mute buttons that are in the upper right-hand corner? Those are right where some of the bats appear, so clicking on them by mistake is not only a possibility, it's almost a certainty. Very frustrating, that. Moving those buttons to one of the bottom corners or some other out-of-the-way location should work like a charm. Toggling the sound isn't so bad, but accidentally clicking the level select button is not something that the player should have to be worry about.

All in all, the game is a fairly middle-of-the-road experience. Without those nasty issues I could see my way clear to giving it a solid 3 stars, but the whole thing could use a fair amount of polish. A little extra time and effort can go a long way. Having medals is a nice addition, and that's typically a nice way to draw more players. They've been working just fine for me and I'm looking forward to earning a few more.

Not bad for a first game, but I believe you can do even better! :)

AndrewSP responds:

I fixed the bug
check it out !

Thanks for the review .

I found this to be quite bad. The worst thing was probably how you just had to keep on pressing things. The gameplay didn't make much sense. I guess it was somewhat unique. The music wasn't bad. I have no idea how to get the key.

It just wasn't a rewarding game at all. I wish you could at least pause it. It was too easy to die. My medal for that didn't even show up! On top of that, the graphics were not good at all and looked way too cheap.

AndrewSP responds:

"have no idea how to get the key" : in the tutorial says drag the key on the lock ( you tried it ?)
"The gameplay didn't make much sense" : if you read things in the descriptions you will see that this is a #skill-avoid / infinite climber game# and the reason why he is raising the tower with a magic gauntlet .
"It was too easy to die" : that is the intention :) .
please look again at the game and have a nice day man !

ok good concept, but if you refine it , as it tighten the controls, make a bigger screen so the character doesnt float into the traps so easily, your really onto a good game , its the details that make good gameplay

AndrewSP responds:

thanks, i'll look at that