Reviews for "Arisen [beta]"

I've already voted on this game in the past. Prior to now I had given it a 1. While viewing nominees for best of march I stumbled upon this once more. Having put in 5 more minutes, I now consider this game to be a 3. It's addictive and simplistic; however, it's still not something to be considered fun. It's a good way to pass time when there's nothing better to do. It may be better to add more challenge other than slippery controls (the slippery factor was quite frankly the only difficult part of this game). Aside from that and the rare ad popping up before my death and consequently causing my death, this game is ok.

yeah nice game :d and complete all medals except secret medals :(


Definitely get the Flappy Bird vibe but the main difference is, Arisen is an actual AMAZING game.

The controls are super fun to maneuver. Unlike Flappy,(a game that Ive ragequit after a couple rounds) I actually enjoy playing this game. Medals help with motivation as well. I honestly love this.

Favorited. Great job.

AndrewSP responds:

Glad you enjoy it

A solid game, I enjoyed it. The music was good despite being a fairly short loop, and the controls were fairly responsive, although the inability to use W immediately after you've pressed A or D does take some getting used to. The combination of mouse mechanics and keyboard controls within the constrained environment was what set the game apart from a lot of timing based avoidance games. The difficulty curve is spot on and clearing 200 floors is just a matter of some patience and practice. Completely fair.

Definitely a recommend.

That said, there are some criticisms to be made.

First, a confirmation pop up is a must with the return to menu button. Though a fairly minor quibble, the menu button is directly in line with where the bats fly on the right side of the screen and a mis-click can terminate a run accidentally. I'd scrap the button myself as death is never more than a few seconds away, but for future projects I would definitely avoid putting anything that can end the game accidentally within easy range of where the game area is.

Second, I found a small bug which I could not reproduce when I cleared level 30 for the first time. After passing the 30th gate the new area failed to load in and I smashed into the top of the screen and died.

Outside of those problems, I'd love to see the concept of multiple interaction avoidance expanded on. Introducing new mechanics to interact with every fifty floors or so to allow for a scaling difficulty curve would definitely bring me back to play a sequel. The sudden requirement to use more keys or new interactions with the mouse upon reaching a new tier of difficulty could keep the game feeling fresh longer as well as providing an incentive to keep playing beyond the scoreboard or achievements.

Anyway, those are just my two cents. Congratulations on a successful game and best luck on your future works.

Hmm.... Yeah... I like it! Challenging and addictive. No problems with the difficulty, because this is really a high score game. What people might not be realizing is that this is Flappy-style game hidden beneath a MUCH more engaging, creative concept. Good on you for actually coming up with a new approach. In all the Flappy clones I see --and I hate Flappy Bird-- only one in every fifteen actually try something new with the concept. The game requires several different skills. Hand-eye coordination, careful judgement, patience, and quick multitasking. The fact that everything is randomized maximizes replay.

I like the motif here. We have an elemental mage who uses wind, fire, lightning, and maybe some telekinesis to bust through all these levels. Beautiful title screen, but the lower-grade graphics on the game itself aren't a problem because this is a survival game. Any more distractions than we
already have would be unwelcome. The music, on the other hand, is good. Upbeat and energetic to keep the player motivated.

I can see how you could expand on this. New obstacles and monsters, more spells, power-ups, changing backgrounds, increasing difficulty. One thing you might want to do is add a "Casual" mode, where the player gets three hits before failing. This would help people practice before tackling the real challenge, and you could have two different leader boards. The medals already increase replay.

Honestly, it's a pretty cool attempt. Keep growing.

AndrewSP responds:

i'll add new things soon
this review helps a lot

follow me soon a new version will be launched