Reviews for "The Case of Scary Shadows"

This is fantastic. Love the concept and visuals, the music blends with it so well. Hope the art exhibition went well!

ragevb responds:

Thank you, FuShark. We really appreciate it :)
Luckily, a lot of gamers visited the exhibition, and they were pleasantly surprised. It was such a treat to watch them compete for the highest score :)

I never thought I'd have so much fun with a snake remake. Everything is amazing, including the learning process on how to avoid the shadows. I'll play it for a few years I'm sure.

The gameplay is solid, fun and super addicting! The music is fitting to the style of the art. The online scoreboard is a very good addition. Good job!

Cool design but fucking hard

Awesome game :) The art, the concept, the sounds and even the smallest of features like the camerashake upon ground impact is very well done :) I give this one 5 stars - Keep it up!