Reviews for "The Case of Scary Shadows"

Love it!

Damn, this is one smooth ass game. Love the graphics and music. Its definitely one of those games you play for a while and doesnt get old.

great game I have to say I got addicted

Love the idea it's awesome to see original takes on the platformer genre keep coming out. Everything from the music to the characters has a nice charm to it.

While the idea is simple, the game is very upbeat and entertaining. However, I'm questioning how the bear can handle all that food. And doesn't it get tired of jumping up and down and running at full speed? No? Alright then. Just asking.

Also, I have some handy advice for players. Memorize when the fireflies come so you can be ready. The fireflies are extremely important, but you might not realize it until it's too late and they're covering the whole screen. Anyways, memorize at what points the fireflies come (for example, the first one appears at 45 points, the next at 66, and so on) so you can be ready to stab those shadows like a . . . er . . . shadow stabber, for lack of better words.

The bottom line (literally) is that this game is pretty good, and I like it.

ragevb responds:

Yes, fireflies are really important. I'm so glad you liked the game. You might also like this one http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/678906