Reviews for "The Case of Scary Shadows"

Good but original makes up for 1 start to make it 5.

Nice work. Got a "Pac-Man" feel to it, but more importantly there's a good deal strategy involved since you would need to realize your shadow will follow every move.

Fun, addicting, but oh so difficult! A few dozen tries, and I've still only managed my first ten jars of honey. I like the layout, the funky music and smooth controls, and pretty much everything about the game short of the difficulty level. Maybe there is a pattern and strategy you can learn eventually to evade even the bees, but then again, maybe it is just as difficult then as it seems in the first phase. Good game, but I wish the difficulty curve was a bit longer.


Not my type of game, but an interesting idea nevertheless.

Damn this is hard. Nice concept and smooth controls. Upgrades would make it easier, but th challenge is welcome.

ragevb responds:

Just added a firefly (power-up) that removes one shadow :)
Check it out