Reviews for "The Case of Scary Shadows"

Wow, I was really impressed at how hard this game was. There was just so much going on. The only easy part was that I could run around on both sides. That gave me the most freedom. I kept thinking there was some pattern to my enemies that I was missing. Did I have to move to a certain part to avoid them?

Anyway, the music was really good. It was great to see these graphics. They're simple, but they work so well for themselves. Bears are pretty entertaining. These medals were seriously difficult.

Having some seriously traumatic flashbacks to Super Mario Galaxy here...

ragevb responds:

Hahaha! Can you somehow show me the part of Super Mario Galaxy that caused the flashbacks? :)

fuck this game

falls to that common controls issue where he doesn't like to jump when you do a pixel perfect jump off the edge of a platform. just falls down and causes deaths.

i won't bother being all-time top scorer on a game that can't handle my skill.

ragevb responds:

I'm sorry for disappointment this game caused. Honestly, I didn't notice that. I'll try to fix it, but until then you can look on it as an extra challenge :)

epic !!!! i love it