Reviews for "The Case of Scary Shadows"

only run in one direction and press jump when necessary. . . . . still awesome game though

ragevb responds:

That's a decent strategy for beginners, but if you want to compete for the highscore or unlock some of those medals you'll have to do much more :)

I love bears, and I love you for giving bears a chance.
I would have rated 5/5, but there's no chance for bear to have a happy ending and sad bears just won't do.

Love the idea it's awesome to see original takes on the platformer genre keep coming out. Everything from the music to the characters has a nice charm to it.

This game needs a more responsive jump button. Either include an input buffer or let people hold the button.

Love it! Super cute and fun game. Frantic to try and avoid the shadows.

Only problem is that there's an error everytime I lose to upload my score? I can't get medals i'm gunna cry :'( That's why i'm rating it so bad

ragevb responds:

That's quite strange. I haven't heard that anyone else had that problem. Please check your internet connection. And thanks for letting me know.

edit: I've changed a few things, and it should work now.