Reviews for "Madness Hallucination 2"

Wellp, Iam happy to see ELLVIS back! :D

cool more collab!woohoo!!XD Iam glad another one is out which will get me to have ideas on my comics for my friends!and also elvis,keep up the cool MC(madness combat)fast reflexes!nstuff.also allaya!i may be not a artist or an animater but iam a gamer!and any gamer will know this,Someday madness combat made by krinkels and other mc artists will be number 1!keep it up! XDplus anyone readin this pls follow my twitter account Tyler J.Johnson if u appreciate my review :)

Oh.. ANother collab with weak unoriginal clips and bad unfit music. Lots of animations arent trying enough a lot of clips were boring and repetitive krinkels scenes of his madness episodes is another reason why I gave only one star and that I devote only "DudingDarn" it is the only person who can make good clips.

Vassline responds:

Fuck off.

As kenamii said, I think Ellvis is the only person who made 2 epic clips, i'm not saying that other peaple's part are bad, on the contrary they did a good job too, but that guy rock, in fact all his parts
speak for themselves!
PS: Yeah, i know, my collab clips are disappointing, because of deadline and lazyness! :C

this collab is too OP!! i very like this collab just it's very good i want to watch it again