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Reviews for "Bond Breaker 2.0"

I'm kind of a physics nerd myself, so this, I could enjoy! Nice!

TestTubeGames responds:


Difficult, but a good game.

Kudos for you, making a game that uses real scientific principles and making them easy enough for a child to understand (more or less). I enjoyed the challenge levels as well.

One level I personally would change is the OH level where you must form the peacock to continue. The interactions between the molecules are a bit... janky? I had trouble getting the three to sit on all the buttons. Spent around 15 minutes on that level trying to get them perfect, and I finally finished due to random chance.

TestTubeGames responds:

Good to hear about the OH level - on the next update I'll try to make that feel a bit less random. That always makes for a frustrating level. Thanks for the feedback, and glad you enjoyed the game!

I which I could bon with someone... i cri evrytiem.

Now that the joke is out of the way. Good controls, good physics, nice art-style = good game.

TestTubeGames responds:

Ha, you learn a new meme every day, I guess. Thanks for the feedback

I love it.
Very good for children to lern about this.
Very original.
(sorry, I don't speak english)

TestTubeGames responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback!

Really good, and I like the chemical component; unfortunately, halfway through it depends less on true mind-oriented puzzles and more physics oriented.