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Reviews for "The D.O.E.S"

Not really my think, but I can see the fun part, or at least I see why some may like it.

Dude, way too random and difficult. There's no wonder it didn't get greenlit on Steam.... I see the potential but at the very least make more of a way to figure out what's where and work on the combat, as of now it sucks major balls. The concept of moving around and hoping you hit them at the right moment is not exactly skill based or fun, just luck based and frustrating.

the game is fun but enemies are just annoying they are waaay to hard to defeat

wow this is atrocious. the game is mostly fine, the gameplay mechanics are pretty good, and it was kind of a mix between a dungeon crawler and minesweeper, but the combat... dear god the combat. what can i respond to the combat with other than fuck you too. every single attack is a spastic mess that is nearly impossible to avoid, and the choice is to either have constant mutual strikes, or attempt avoid his attacks and sacrifice your own attack, or try to comprise and between attacking and dodging and end up doing neither. it is a broken mess, and if you had replaced all the combat scenes with a giant middle finger, i barely would have noticed the difference. this isn't even lazy design, this had to have taken a lot of effort to make it this god-awful, and if that was the intention, then conglaturations. if not, well, i pity you. But still, you can do a little better. even if you don't think so. i promise.