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Reviews for "The D.O.E.S"

What even is going on? I keep getting "Face eating", whatever that means, and then dying for no reason I can determine.

It's kinda fun, but I wouldn't call it a roguelike, or even a rougelike-like game. More like a roguelike-like-like-like.

It's sort of fun but there's some significant problems

Main thing is that the map is mostly pointless; you just click and hope for the best, with only the mines and good ghosts doing anything with it. There should really be some way to figure out what things are ahead of time

The game is also unreasonably difficult

Game is fun but I don't understand such insane impossibility of playthrough.

Its kind of fun, but the fighting is spastic and terrible. The enemies seem to teleport around too much and their window of 'attack'/'dont attack' is on very short timers. Any random object encounter I had always penalized me, lol.