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Reviews for "The D.O.E.S"

I apparently have this and the 2014 version mixed up and posted an useless review there. Oops.

I can see where the negative feedback come from, but to be fair, I think it's just a little unforgiving to new players. Just a little. Once you're familiar with the moving patterns, safe choices, it is mildly entertaining, and I think the difficulty is just right, if not close to. (Compared to the 2014 version this is definitely better.)
Though, "Just ignore your hp" seem absolutely contradict actual game play. Can't you regen hp a little after you win? That would make hp less relevant.

I recall seeing mine-sweeper elements in earlier versions. There were tiles that shows 1 when flipped over. Strange that it seems to be removed for the moment. I don't see otherwise the use for coloring tiles. Once you have it working I think it will be a big improvement. Example would be getting the same event consecutively gives stat bonus. Right now it depends entirely on blind luck, but with sweeper elements it would be a nice puzzle.

I'm not sure how you planned the difficulty for each ending, for the moment Luck, Balance is definitely more difficult than Attack and Health. If it is intended, no problems.

Lastly somethings you really should change :
Forcing players to open a new window every new game to get the bonus. A reset also cancels the bonus. Maybe you want traffics but sorry this is overboard.
"Double click to return" works, but poorly. Most of the time it just resets. Just add a home button.
Messages at the bottom changed too quickly. I have played over a couple dozen times. Not once, even when I try to pay close attention to it, did I see the first line of the message for the "Disease" thing. I see wizard wand also have alternative messages "E_sth_ must die", but it changes too fast.
A little explanation on, or better, a free nuke (called "Distortion" in game) would make the very first round of combat more novice friendly. When players see 'Q' for distortion, press it, and nothing happens, that can be really confusing.

Don't let the Steam thing set you back. On the whole I think it's an intriguing roguelike.

not really rogue like. and too messy for a roguelike fan

It's conceptually cool, but it needs a rebalance pretty bad. If you encounter one of the harder enemies too early in the playthrough, you're just screwed. Furthest I've been able to make it is getting four of the five "things" and that was largely a result of dumb luck. I'd suggest removing the enemies that force you to take damage during a fight and reducing the bounce speed of the "heart" and "muffin" enemies, when they've been hit.

WTF XD So much crazy

It's extremely impossible .