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Reviews for "The D.O.E.S"

That was fun, I enjoyed it. Not really sure what exactly happened but I laughed. I'll vote for it on greenlight, (mostly because of the threat of my face being eaten)

Soo, where to start off with... The game is fun, especially for Rogue-Like fans, also it features some minimalistic yet interesting and new stuff I haven't seen until now. But I'm not sure whether I would spend money on this game or not, because as it is now it feels too empty, not the field but the pool of available things which can be on the field. But judging by what you wrote in the demo (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/672368) about what else you would add in the full version made me get curious. What I personnally would like, would be a system similar to "The Binding of Isaac". Find items, sometimes get OP, unlock stuff by completing the game mulitple times or by completing challenges and so on. The first thing you should add should be items. Stuff like new sorts of attacks, for example a shot you have to charge so it's not too OP, or generally new things to the combat system, do more damage but be larger or sacrifice HP to do more damage for one round etc, the possibilities are almost endless, so be innovative. Of course items shouldn't only affect the combat system, maybe a rechargable item which let's you look at what lies under one block without clicking the block. When the game is more developed you could send some copies to Let's Players. For example my favourite one Zombey, he's a big fan of Rogue-Likes and Rogue-Lites and so am I. Keep on working, hope to hear from this game again :) I was about to post this on Steam but you deleted it? :(

Really fun. Like Minesweeper, but if Minesweeper were an RPG.

i like it

Why can't I stop playing this game?
The only issue I had was when I was doing the fighting bits, if I pressed the left and right keys or up and down keys at the same time, I would just stand in place and be unable to move. Maybe have the second key press override the old one when pressed?
All in all, great game and I hope you get greenlit.