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Reviews for "The D.O.E.S"

Good game, though if you would add a story mode with more grids, i bet the steam version would get the green light XD

Such a good game, such a fun game, such a hard game, and such a random game!

Some of the medals will be tricky to unlock, especially that Balanced stats medal. While the game has huge amounts of luck, there is a strategy component to the game. You're not likely to get the Balanced stats medal without at least some strategy or major major luck. I can think of a way you can hit it right off the bat at the start of the game (if you have amazing luck), but you may as well play the lottery if your luck is that good.

It takes some time and quite a few plays before you start to figure out what some of the stuff does and I think that's intended. But once you kind of know what does what and what your odds are on various things (and what happens if you choose them and get a "good" or a "bad" result) then even though the game throws completely random stuff at you you can still strategize a bit.

Only thing is I'm sure that albinoblacksheep site gets hammered from people playing this game because it's really not worth starting a game without clicking that and you have to click it each time or you'll have all 1's for stats, which is awful.

Something like that.
Neat game, it was a pleasure playing this. Loved the music and gameplay.

Thats just good!

How To I Get The Secret Medal 2 I CANT GET THE CAP OFF!

Surn responds:

Drink the bleach and survive.
It's a reference to the movie "Cyberbully" where the main character's life is saved by her inability to remove a child-proof cap.