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Reviews for "The D.O.E.S"

It's kinda fun, but I wouldn't call it a roguelike, or even a rougelike-like game. More like a roguelike-like-like-like.

From a design point there are a lot of areas you could improve to make the game more enjoyable to the rogue-like community.

Your combat is really unenjoyable at most levels of attack power. They weren't overly challenging, just tedious and repetitive. This is especially true while you have 1 attack.

The dungeon map has almost no choices in panel selection. The mine sweeper panels and the nice ghost are both the only good elements of design at that phase. It's really cool when I can stack brains/wands/etc to ramp up my stats, but because all the panels feel essentially random, I don't get to make decisions, only witness progression. While rogue-likes are supposed to be erratic, they are also supposed to be strategic, and the latter is missing from this title.

(Because you're trying to get published)
The only indie games that really survive on steam are either shitty with amazing theme / story telling / graphics, or amazing with shitty graphics. You need to polish one of these aspects if you want it to succeed imo.

Pretty good.

Nice game but it's very hard.

Really fun. Like Minesweeper, but if Minesweeper were an RPG.