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Reviews for "The D.O.E.S"

Something like that.
Neat game, it was a pleasure playing this. Loved the music and gameplay.

I really enjoy this game, and hope it continues to get updated with more enemies / fun things / etc. I've made a notepad file to track the fun things with their values and results.

For those having problems, it helps a lot if you do what the author says and clicks that sheep underneath the button for a new game, since it basically gives you twice the damage you'd do otherwise, and increases your chances from 50% to 75% on fun things with values of 0-3.

It's also great for if you keep getting interrupted, that you can let the game sit and come back to it.

I know the author says that he hopes this is the end for it, but I hope in time it gets updated even more (always can use more fun things).

It's extremely impossible .

Really love it! Nice and rough

Actually really liked this game. No idea what the secret medal is but wanted to share with you a pic of playing the beta a few years ago. I compelely cleared the board once :)


The game is addictive and challenging. I have spent many hours just clicking away.