Reviews for "Idle City Builder"

super laggy. sorta buggy. but its good for a clicker

A new twist on a clicker game. Although the unity engine offers a lot in the way of programming, I'm a fan of the pixel art myself. Loading time was a bit long and it seems that not everyone can run this.

The game is great. It's really fun watching your own little city grow and progress around you. While many are saying that it crashes on Google Chrome - it was perfectly fine for me. Either you need to get a better potato, or you haven't downloaded WebGL/Unity.

Anyway, that was quite the tangent. As I was saying, this game is great. You can (partly) choose what to build, wherever you want to build it!

My only complaint is the fair bit of lag. But apart from that - it's great! All my 4 stars go to this game!

~Jack 'Dexxa' Tansley.

Crashed newest firefox

crashes with chrome