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Reviews for "T-Logic - Castle Guards"

This sure has quite an interesting atmosphere!

I've said this about your music before, but the style reminds me to some extent of the music I know and love from the old Crash Bandicoot games :)

Thus, I feel like this would make for perfect background music, in a game of some kind! This track also managed to paint a picture in my head better than many pieces of music do, probably because of the interesting blend of intruments and harmonies. I actually imagine someone or something trying to sneak past all of the Guards in a castle. I also imagine it being quite a dark castle, where the residing King probably isn't too nice a dude. So this could be used in a level of a game, where the objective is to get to the king, and avoide the guards or something xD

I like the simplicity too, as it allows you to really focus on just a few things that are going on at the same time! Other than that, you managed to build up quite an interesting rhythm here!

For the style of track that this is, I actually think that your melodies and intrument choices fit really well! As you said yourself, a little more automation wouldn't have hurt, but now without it, it kinda feel a bit more retro, so there's that xD
Bonus points for ending the track similarly to the way you opened it!

Keep them tracks coming, when you have time! Looking forward to hearing more :D!!!

TaintedLogic responds:

Aw, thanks for such a positive review LSD! It's funny - I actually logged into Newgrounds to listen to this track again while pondering what else to add to it before I turn in my midterm on Tuesday, only to see I had gotten some feedback on it! I'm glad it put a picture in your head - that's one of the many things I was going for here. I think I will add more automation, though. I might even trying humanizing it a bit with the velocities. We'll see...

Thanks again for the review! ^^