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Reviews for "The Bar - Chapter 1"

Highly satisfying, worth saving.

I actually liked it. Sure, the bars were filling too quickly sometimes, but it's probably something that you should give more thought in future, if you decide to continue making games.

The sound is okay, albeit a more comfy loop would fit better. IMO. Something jazzier, perhaps?

And obviously, I guess that you plan to add some actual background and character graphics, right?

However, for a test, this game works perfectly, as I quickly got hooked, and the gameplay felt intuitive and puzzles were logical. The mechanics, and the core of the game is cool, and overall the experience was nice, despite simplicity.

So yeah, I look forward for more.

As the guy under me said, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the game.

An exciting start to what feels like a pretty creative adventure! The motion-based control was one I hadn't tried before, both fun and challenging, and depending on accuracy and speed it can really be used in a lot of ways for various difficulties. Good thing the name wasn't too difficult to get down though, letters in between the others would've been a real challenge. Looking forward to pt 2!


short and i see tons of potential and the game is really fun