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Reviews for "The Bar - Chapter 1"

simple but nice, can't wait for part 2
too bad it's so short, I'd probably like it better if it was 1 larger game rather than short cahpters

I really hope that you make a chapter two cause this chapter is great as you can see from my rating, but maybe make the next one a little longer that would be great. I hope you read this. I have to go favorite you and this game now bye.

It's really good, I can't wait for the next chapter c: and i think the idea is very intresting because the author let you imagination make the game

I've never seen anything similar. It's a bit short but the simplicity is what makes it entertaining. Hope there will be more soon. xD

Managed to get a real name on the first try, and it was someone pretty important, too: CHE.
"Haven't heard a name like that before. You must be new here."
Oh, you know, I'm just the guy that toppled the Cuban government back in '59. They put my face on T-Shirts now.

Seriously though, fun little game. The story has intrigue, and you did a good job of mixing up the sliding bar mechanic. It could bear to be a little longer and more diverse, but still a lot of fun if one has some spare time.