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Reviews for "The Bar - Chapter 1"

It is an interesting way of playing but a few details could be added. I'd suggest a hud or maybe an 'Inventory' option just so you keep track of the items.

Since its chap.1 I hope the next one is longer.

Seems promising. I'm interested to see what's involved in the sequel. I liked how the music stopped as soon as it got ominous.

Good job, assuming this will be a series if you have time and enough positive feedback. Interesting mechanic, like some of the others here I want to see more out of the story, give those menial tasks some context and they become more interesting than time your click. Overall well done, I hope to see more in the future.

Cool concept… I'm really going to expect for the second chapter :3

Great game and full of potential, but i can't give you a higher rating do to the shortness of the game, but even though i had a blast playing this and i can tell chapter two will be an even better game. I wish you the best of luck in the future. :D