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Reviews for "The Bar - Chapter 1"

That was unexpectedly fun! The one-button gauge mechanics makes for a fun decision making gimmick, however "pointless" it might be. I really like the adventure-esque puzzle in the game, involving some environment manipulation, name changing, etcetera.

Other than that, well, the presentation is rather empty, but that's okay, since this was obviously proposital, and having it any other way would make it way less special. So yeah, good stuff!

Nice work!You did a good job with this game, and I like the "filling the box" theme.It runs smooth, and it's basic and simple controls.Can't wait to see what you do with the next one.

Nice job! Very interesting concept, I'll be on the lookout for chapter 2 :)

Wow. After only playing for a few minuts, I am already going for it! In a couple days you got frontpaged, a daily 5th place and 3 stars. I think that's enough of an answer about wether or not this is enjoyable.

Yep, cool idea. Nice immersive twist on text-based adventure. I'm definitely interested as to what's going to happen next.