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Reviews for "The Bar - Chapter 1"

Giving you props for a creative twist to an old formula. I don't mind that the game is very short or very easy, because I regard this as a little test for the format. It works well enough; if you have more story in mind, go for it. We'll play it.

The setting is very surreal, from the three-letter name tags, to the barometer machine that really affects the weather (where can I get one of those?) to the ending of the chapter. I highly recommend you keep the surrealism going in future installments.

The only complaint I have is that the light-blue bars on the name selection were difficult for me to see clearly. Took me a while to get the in-game name entered properly, and because I wasn't sure what we going on, it took me a few letters at the beginning to even understand how the game worked. Had no problems with any of the other puzzles. Unless the puzzle directly connects to a situation with difficult visibility (say, you're driving in the rain), I would recommend using easy-to see colors on the sliders.

That's about it. The ambient sounds that change with the situation are a good idea. I'd even add a few more, like using a bird singing for the sunny day.

Interesting concept, solid execution. Ready for more?

It's simple yet interesting.
Can't wait for chapter 2, but pls make it a bit longer than this :)

I like the idea..definitely more engaging than just having to click. I think I found a bug though. After I named myself ZAZ I went home. I could not properly set the barometer to stormy...it always jumped in the middle of the bar (cloudy).

After repeating it a few times and wondering around the "town" I tried it again and it worked.

Original and fun :)

I accidentally got the name right on the first try, and it kind of startled me.