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Reviews for "The Bar - Chapter 1"

Great game but why did it have to be so short? I loved the music and the concept but definitely make at least another chapter. Maybe longer chapters...?

Hey, that's pretty cool! I'm familiar with quicktime events and timing a selection based off a swinging bar, but to base the whole game off that is actually pretty clever. I look forward to Chapter 2, keep it up!

Good concept, I like it.
Waiting for chapter 2.

It's simple yet interesting.
Can't wait for chapter 2, but pls make it a bit longer than this :)

I can agree with SFPT on the last leview. It was a very intresting experience and how things got in a way I didn't ecpected.. Well let's just say I will be on the look for the sequel. Cause this by itself is no more than a promise and I want the cake.
P.S. I enjoyed the moving bar system.