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Reviews for "The Bar - Chapter 1"

Bit short and the nametag bit was pretty annoying, but still a clever and different game. 3/5

Pretty neat idea gameplay wise. Maybe you should make it that the main character is some kind of psychic or something? That way it'd make sense how s/he was able to change the weather....

Also maybe make the bar tender hint that there's a message in the vending machine- just to make that part make more logical sense.

Hmmm. I love the simplicity of the game. Couldn't wait for more stories. It's somewhat cool idea of delivering your story eventhough it was just a short one still there are some feels in the game. Hopefully for your next project could see some more environment and some characters to interact with. Bars are okay, not too fast neither too slow, at first I had a hard time hitting letter "A" for his name, but then I get the hang of it after a few tries. Keep up the good work man. <3

this is certainly intriguing.
i wonder how much gameplay one can produce out of that one mechanic, though.

I admit to being confused by this. I really didn't know how to win it. I'm not even sure if I could! Then again, I may not have been playing it the right way. I still appreciate how it's unique. It just isn't unique in a very good way.

It seemed kind of bland. It just seemed like the same letters and stuff over. It still isn't terrible. There's just nothing that interesting. I just got lucky with playing this.