Reviews for "Donald 'n Gang"

I must say I'm amazed by the voice acting shown in the video, I was very sceptic at first but completely blew my mind from existence.

Also, the animation itself was done nicely I'd even thought it was done by Disney themself *chuckles*.

Jokes aside, It made me laugh and many others thus leading it to five stars. Keep up with the good work!

I like how Mickey sounds when he cries. It's like he's laughing instead but he's dead on the inside.

MWAHAHAHA more tears mouse! MORE TEARS!

Funfact: Ducks indeed have big dicks, especially the argentine lake duck. Really, look it up!

Meh, being in the 30s: shit isn't as funny as it used to be. Still worth a run though.

(. ) _ ( .)