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Reviews for "Doggy Style With Selina"


MavisRooder responds:

... --- ...

Not a game

MavisRooder responds:

You are right - but it's not movie either. I must say that I've had some hard time how to justify it's existence and how to name it - then I saw some other guys how they named their stuff - which is pretty similar to this one. I had to name this somehow.

Remember if you make it about big dicks too much you'll upset Kattlarv just check out his comment section of his recent flash.

MavisRooder responds:

Actually it's not the big dick thing. As it reads - size does not matter. As for Kattlarv - SHE wrote me mail about it - making a great review. I'd say that she is about 98% the reason for me to do that animation - for she's somehow inspiring me / she does not know that - but she does.

Liked the story!

MavisRooder responds:

Thank you ! Yes - this is more like a story with buttons.