Reviews for "RotatoR"

the games seems too hard for me + the hills milestones are too big...1000 green one? WTF

First off, I'd love to just say that the music is very calming. I think it really adds to the environment, and general flow of the game. I also think the little "yay," sound effect is hysterically cute, I love it a lot. I can see this game appealing to younger audiences, despite it's sometimes tough call for precision.

It obviously draws a lot from Flappy Bird, but it lends way more control to the player in that you can actually drag your little stick guy around the surface. And the ability to speed up the spin helps out from time to time. Again, it's all obviously a matter of precision, but I can see at least a handful of people doing really well, and a lot of people being addicted to the game. I, myself, am slightly addicted.

One thing I notice is that, for some reason, the cursor changes when you click on your stick dude. This may have been done on purpose to give the player the sense that they're actually holding the little goober, but I'd suggest a different cursor, as it makes it a little hard to tell where exactly I'm holding it.

My high score is 5, but I've added the game to my favorites so I can try again for another high score later, and maybe unlock some of the skins. I'm usually turned off to games that even remotely look like Flappy Bird, but I'll give an exception just this once (or maybe a few more times, who knows?).

I'll have to see what the app is like, how it functions and such, but so far, I'm really glad I played this game. I'm interested to see what changes are made on the behalf of the developer, if any!

Take care.

its good

A flappy bird inspired game with a fun twist, actually really challanging and could possibly quite addictive if you're in to hard games.